Safe Environment Training

It is the responsibility of everyone: clergy, administrators, teachers, staff, as well as our committed parents and volunteers-to help create a safe environment for all of our children.  As part of this commitment, we are all asked to complete Safe Environment Training once each academic year (July 1-June 30).

All volunteers working directly with children are REQUIRED to complete the three hour “Safe Environment for Ministries” Foundational course prior to volunteering in any capacity within the school.  This requirement is mandated by the Diocese of Phoenix for the safety of our children.  This course is offered through our parish and numerous other parishes throughout the valley.  You only need to take the three-hour foundation course once.  To preregister for any class listed or to check for training classes at other parishes near you, see the “Register for Classes” link at:

In addition all employees and volunteers are required to take a Safe Environment RENEWAL course annually (July 1-June 30).  All volunteers must complete the renewal course by September 15.  Renewal courses will be available online, at our parish and other parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix.

In order to check your status, please access and choose the “My Obligation” link.  You will also use this website to register for a course at any site, or you can take your renewal course via the online format on the same website. 

Once you have completed your course, be sure to bring a copy of the confirmation verification to the school office for our records. 

We look forward to a year full of activities at St. John Vianney Catholic School.  The success of our school and parish is based on your involvement.  Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on the many ways we work together to keep children safe. 


Mr. Doug Weivoda, Principal