Discipline With Purpose (DWP)

St. John Vianney Catholic School has adopted the Discipline With Purpose Program, an 
approach to self-discipline which is based on three classroom rules and student growth in 15 particular skills. 

DWP School and Classroom Rules 

1. Respect yourself, others, and things. 
2. Contribute to the learning environment. 
3. Follow classroom procedures. 

15 Fundamental Elements of Self-Discipline

The Discipline With Purpose Program hopes to enable students to be more knowledgeable, more confident, and more capable in the areas of: 
Listening Cooperation Setting Time Limits
Following Instructions Reasons for Rules Resolving Problems
Asking Questions Completing a Task Initiating Solutions
Sharing Leadership Distinguishing Fact from Feeling
Social Skills Communication Service



Students are expected to know the following rules. The classroom teacher works with the student to ensure that rules are clearly understood and that the reasons for rules are also apparent.